commentary by Patrick H. Moore

After Heather Elvis’s disappearance in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Dec. 18th of last year, law enforcement was seemingly unable to make much headway in solving the case. I would imagine that foul play was expected all along, though naturally law enforcement, Heather’s family and the Myrtle Beach community held out some hope that Heather would miraculously reappear. As of yesterday, however, the 20-year-old child-woman still had not reappeared, and now it is a fait accompli that she is dead. In fact, on Monday morning, it was announced at the ML Brown Public Safety building in Conway that Sidney Moorer, 37, and Tammy Moorer, 41, have both been charged with the murder of Heather Elvis. Previously on Sunday, the couple was charged with kidnapping. They were also charged with obstruction of justice and indecent exposure.

diss3The kidnapping and murder charges go hand-in-hand. The arrest warrants indicate that there’s probable cause that on or about December 18th, Sidney and Tammy Moorer kidnapped and murdered Heather Elvis at Peachtree Boat Landing.

The obstruction of justice charge stems from misinformation both Moorers gave police on December 20, 2013 regarding Heather and Sidney Moorer’s whereabouts during the early morning hours of December 18, 2013. From a technical standpoint, the false information provided by the Moorer’s diverted resources earmarked for the case.

diss7During their weekend search of the Moorer residence, the detectives apparently found evidence connecting the Moorers to Ms. Elvis’s disappearance that was sufficiently strong — in their opinion — to support the murder charges. Naturally, at the news conference, Horry County Police Chief Saundra Rhodes gave no indication of what the “smoking gun” might be.

It has been reported that the Moorer’s are being held in protective custody at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center for their own safety.

But what about these cockamamie indecent exposure charges? To answer this, a few facts about the Moorers and their relationship are in order. Although they are (were) residents of what is allegedly a god-fearing, Christian community, the Moorers’ lifestyle was the sort that pastors might secretly fantasize about but would never openly advocate. The Moorers were in an “open relationship,” a fact they apparently made no bones about.

In September or October of last year, 20-year-old Heather Elvis reportedly had a sexual fling with her husband, Sidney Moorer. In fact, according to Tammy Moorer, Sidney “banged a hoe 3 times in the backseat of her car and nothing more.” Tammy wrote about it in a Facebook post (see below left):


Based on her choice of words, it is clear that Tammy was none too fond of Heather. Of course, she claims her animus for the younger woman was based on the fact that she was showing signs of being a home wrecker:

“I could care less seeing that I had a boyfriend of my own for the past couple of years, but when someone brings my children into the scenario it’s a whole other story. I will not tolerate anyone hurting my children… I could care less what he screwed around with, but the fact that this jerk is stalking my family is unacceptable.”

diss4So let’s break this down. Based on what Tammy is saying, it didn’t bother her a bit that Sizzlin’ Sidney was “banging” this attractive young woman “in the backseat of her car”. After all, in an open relationship, you have no control over who your partner dallies with. Plus, Tammy was hardly hurting for action considering she had a boyfriend of her own for the past few years.

So, according to Tammy (if we believe her), the sex is not the problem. The problem is that Heather is “stalking” Tammy’s family, which is in no way acceptable to this aggressive and rather outspoken woman.

Tammy is silent as to the particulars of Heather’s “stalking”. Just for the sake of the argument, let’s accept her words at face value. Tammy is furious because Heather is allegedly stalking her children — a natural reaction that any mother might have.

diss5Tammy’s concern over the alleged stalking is not the problem. The problem, assuming the murder charges are valid, is the manner in which this happy, loving couple chose to solve the problem. While it’s true that kidnapping and murdering Heather would certainly put an end to her “stalking”, it’s hard to avoid the fact that it also puts Tammy and Sidney’s children in great jeopardy in the event they are caught.

Now that the Moorers have been arrested, unless other viable relatives step in, their children may find themselves trapped in that most horrible of childhood experiences — the grim journey through the darkness of foster care.

Therefore, I ask, who is the “psycho” here? Is it Heather Elvis who Tammy refers to as a “psycho whore” or is it Sidney and Tammy? Or is it all three of them? And I’m not using “psycho” in the sense of being criminally insane, but rather in a general generic way as in “you freakin’ psycho”.

diss2How many kidnappings, rapes and murders occur annually as a result of sexual obsession? I don’t know but it’s certainly a big number. In every case, there is a victim and there is also a perpetrator(s). Although the perpetrators are not always apprehended, they have been in this case which is why Sidney and Tammy are cooling their heels in protective custody at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

*     *     *     *     *

As to the indecent exposure charges, the alleged facts are as follows:

diss8Both Tammy and Sidney indecently exposed themselves twice between December 17th and December 18th. They were apparently together at the time of the incidents, the first of which occurred at 1325 Celebrity Circle in Myrtle Beach. The second time they were cavorting near Atlantic Avenue and Century Circle in Conway. The arrest warrants state that Sidney “willfully, maliciously, and indecently exposed his person in a public place, on property of others, or in the view of someone on the street or highway.”

We are exposed to a lot of weirdness here at All Things Crime Blog and this tragic but undeniably strange case fits right in with the other weird ones. And just in case you have an uncontrollable urge to expose yourself to the masses in public, I suggest that you hold it at that and don’t bother with the kidnapping and murder. Misdemeanors are certainly inconvenient but by no stretch of the imagination do they constitute serious capital crimes.


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23 Responses to Swingers Sidney and Tammy Moorer Charged with Murder in Death of Heather Elvis!

  1. In Tammy Moorer’s rant, she states the psycho whore went missing. She is referring to Heather Elvis’ daddy as the stalker.

    I enjoy your posts!

    • PatrickHMoore says:

      Thanks, Nanna, I wondered about that.

      What’s your theory on why the Moorers killed Heather?

      • CBSGirly says:

        Hey Patrick…I know you asked Nana her opinion or theory..but thought I would offer up mine…without knowing the exact timeline of events of course this is just theory..but…I think something significant happened the night of the 17th…maybe Sidney and Tammy were out at Broadway at the Beach and saw Heather and her date ..maybe it made him jealous and he decided to do the same (make Heather jealous) by making out with Tammy (the indecent exposure charge for Celebrity Cr.)..not sure where the Century Circle indecent/sex charge fits in but..maybe Sidney and Heather had made out there before and he was thinking she might go there with her date??…So he and Tammy go there to be seen by Heather..then she doesn’t show up he can’t find her..ends up calling her that early morning and asking for a rendezvous..leaving wife..blah blah…unbeknownst to Sidney ..Tammy hears all this and secretly follows him to confront them…unfortunately it got out of hand..Tammys jealousy rage took over and she kills Heather??..Sidney helps her hide the body..after all she is his wife and mother of his he probably feels responsible since he caused the jealousy by cheating to start with..who knows…at any rate I think it went down something like that…either that or he was so obsessed with Heather he killed her for dating another guy..there is something significant about the places these indecent exposure/sex charges took place..just not sure about the second one but Heather worked right at the one address..I find that strange..well that’s my theory…doesn’t help Heather either way..God rest her soul.

        • PatrickHMoore says:

          Hi CBS Girly,

          THX a bunch for these suggestions about what possibly happened. This case is utterly baffling to me. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen such an unnecessary murder. And for either Tammy or Sidney to have done it, or both of them together, is absolutely disastrous since they have who they were reportedly very close to.

          Unless Tammy and Sidney both plead out, one or both of them will end up going to trial which should be very interesting. Edgar Allan Poe once said there’s nothing more fascinating than the tragic death of a beautiful woman and although heather may not have been technically beautiful, she was certainly attractive.

          One thing is for certain: This case points out some of the drawbacks in messing around with a married man (or woman).

  2. IMO Sidney cared about Heather Elvis, and Tammy Moore could not stand that; therefore, Heather had to go. Tammy probably wrote all the wonderful things Sidney “said” about her on Facebook. Tammy lived in a fantasy Disney world, and Heather was ruining it. Have you seen Tammy’s mug shot?

    I cannot understand why many spouses blame anyone other than their spouse. Their spouse made the promises to them.

  3. Lori says:

    Patrick I never leave comments (this is a first) but I felt the need to tell you that I am impressed with your blog for a number of reasons. I’ve always been interested in true crime, not for the gory details but for the mostly incomprehensible and unknowable motives and thought processes of the perpetrators. I think your posts do an excellent job of attempting to untangle some of these. I appreciate the fact that the comments section is usually filled by people that can string a sentence together without numerous spelling and grammatical errors and most are able to use the correct form of “there” – you get my drift. I would however like to suggest that disparaging remarks about foster parents are unkind and stereotypical. I get that in this latest post you are referring to the system in general but in the past there have been negative references to foster parents and when you lump people into categories you are destined to be wrong. I have been a foster parent for almost 25 years and most foster parents are not abusive, in fact quite the opposite as any of my kids will tell you. Most criminals aren’t serial killers right? We (my husband and I) take in kids with serious issues, fire setting, cruelty to animals, aggression, lying, smearing feces, urinating (not just bed-wetting). Sound like familiar red-flags? Did I mention most have been sexually as well as physically and emotionally abused, some abandoned? I like to think we are doing our small part to try to help some kids grow up to not end up in prison. It isn’t easy and we don’t do it for thanks (let alone money, but that’s a whole other post..) we do it because these kids deserve a chance at a normal life and to be treated with respect. So, love your posts, but lay off the foster parent digs, OK?

    • PatrickHMoore says:


      You raise a very good point and I apologize if I have been to disparaging of foster parents. Perhaps my mistrust is misplaced. I realize it is a very difficult job and I’m sure you and your husband have helped countless children. I salute you for your good work. My heart goes out to all the abused kids and I’m glad there are people like you sand your husband to help them.

  4. mimi says:

    First of all, I need to point out that Heather was not the one that Tammy was referring to in being stalked. She was referring to Heather’s family. Terry Elvis publicly acknowledged his belief that the Moorers were responsible for Heather’s disappearance, but he NEVER threatened her kids as she claimed. A follower had posted a comment on the Findheatherelvis Facebook page that if he would take one of their kids they would gladly tell where she was. This was only said to make a point, not as a threat and as always Tammy turned it around to try and make herself and family look like the victims in the case in an attempt to divert the police investigation. She filed several police reports from trespassing to being shot at even though there were 12 surveillance cameras on their property, and not one single one showed any evidence of her claims. Those as well were nothing more than an attempt to look like the victim and divert the investigation because she knew it was going to lead right straight to the two of them. As far as the “open relationship” goes, I believe this was nothing more than a bunch of hogwash. If you’re in an open relationship it is not CHEATING and she plainly stated that Sidney CHEATED on her, not mention the nasty names that she called Heather. Why was Heather all these things if she and her husband had an “open relationship”? That was no more than an attempt cover the humiliation she felt because her husband had stepped out on her with a much younger, more attractive woman. She knew she couldn’t compete with that and that is what made her so angry. Looking at her Facebook, it has been obvious throughout this whole ordeal that Tammy Moorer was a very controlling woman, with an over inflated ego. She was out to PROVE to the world that she was Sidney’s one and ONLY love by posting mushy love posts on both of their profiles although it was pretty obvious she was the one doing all the posting on BOTH, and lovey dovey pictures of Sidney kissing her and such. All the while, it was obvious that giving all that was going on there was NO way that their home life and relationship could have been so perfect. She is definitely a sociopath! She wasn’t about to stand by and lose HER husband to some younger, more attractive woman and there was only one sure way to make sure that didn’t happen.

    • PatrickHMoore says:

      This is fascinating. But how did she talk Sidney into helping her off Heather? How did she get him to risk everything? What power diod she have over him?

  5. joleen Ellis says:

    I totally agree with above statement____i also think that Tammy couldn’t stomach the thought of Sidney wanting another woman more than her. I believe she was the master mind behind this_

  6. Debra says:

    Sorry but you need to re-read Tammy Moorers rant against Heather. The stalking she is referring to…she is speaking of Heathers father…AFTER Heathers disappearance….NOT Heatherherself. So that would change your entire theory.

    • PatrickHMoore says:

      Then why did they kill Heather? That would hardly keep her father off their case?

      • CBSGirly says:

        The “alleged” stalking or threats did not happen until AFTER Heather went missing…her father, I am assuming, had his suspicions about them and called them out on it.

  7. BigDogClo says:

    Ashley Caison

    I hope they burn her *** because she is taking from my child and I hate for anyone to mess with my childern

    June 22nd, 2011 8:56 pm

    Interesting that almost identical statement 3 years ago

  8. Kathy says:

    Is there any evidence that Sidney and Tammy actually HAD an “open relationship?” My gut tells me that Tammy posting about an open marriage was just a scorned wife trying to save face when confronted with her husband’s infidelity. I’ve heard nothing more that would indicate they really did have an open relationship and I would think that someone would have come forward to say they’d been sleeping with Tammy or Sidney by now…

    Would love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook group where we’re following and discussing this case. :)

  9. pk says:

    I think the Moorers might have even more skeletons in their closet than just Heather Elvis.

  10. CBSGirly says:

    If they had “12 surveillance cameras” on their property…where are the videos showing who left and what time they left on that night or early morning?

  11. Altheria says:

    do you think Heather was pregnant for Sidney and that was why they killed her. I read on one of the F/B page’s that Heather and Sidney was seen buying a Pregnant test. and someone else said she was Pregnant and that upset Tammy. But that give them no right to do what they did to her.Why didn’t Tammy do something to Sidney He was a lot older than Heather he should have know better.He must have thought he was a teenage again. Sidney must don’t know how to keep his pant’s up. They both need to get life plus 99 years with hard labor.

  12. Ed says:

    I met Tammy and Sidney years ago as I was friends with some of their family. They didn’t strike me as bad people, but they definitely gave me a strange vibe. My theory? They weren’t swingers. He had sex with a younger girl and got caught. Tammy was in charge, he was subservient so they got rid of the problem. There might be possibility of Heather getting pregnant, as that could have really pushed Tammy over the edge. However, that part we may never know….

    • PatrickHMoore says:

      Wow! You might consider writing a guest post in which you describe the meeting in detail and what they wee like. I’m sure people would be very interested. There is huge interest in this case.

  13. Ed says:

    Thank you, but our meeting was so brief that there was really nothing of interest to write about other than I found it odd that they didn’t invite any of us (including their actual family) into their house. Granted the weather in SC is generally beautiful, I just found it strange.

    Though I will give you a bit of an exclusive before the press picks it up….Tammy is pregnant.

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