by BJW Nashe

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson may have been temporarily muzzled following his disastrous interview in last month’s GQ Magazine, but his fellow right-wing culture warrior Ted Nugent is more than happy to pick up the slack. The Nuge, once known as “Theodocious Atrocious,” penned a virulently racist op-ed for the right-wing web site World Net Daily on January 15, 2014.

Viral videoIn the op-ed, called “What Would Dr. King Say About Black Culture?,” Nugent’s wrath is focused on a profanity-laced online video featuring an African American toddler. The video, posted by the Omaha Police Union, ended up going viral, which bothered Ted so much that he felt the need to weigh in on what he sees as a defining cultural moment. (Never mind the fact that if we are going to judge humanity on the basis of YouTube videos, surely we are all damned to hell.) After slinging mud at the kid in the video and trashing his entire family as nothing more than “gangster thugs, punks, degenerates and criminals,” Ted goes on to extend his outrage to African Americans in general, and the liberal policies that he claims have led blacks into “culture and social rot,” which he also describes as a “self-inflicted destructo-derby.”

The content of Nugent’s public statements on politics, race, and crime have long been too ridiculous and idiotic to warrant serious attention. A few points are worth making in regard to Ted’s own personal integrity, however, which cast serious doubt on him as a credible “moral authority” on any topic.

Nuge1First of all, it is stunning and hilarious to see Ted take offense at any kind of foul language — coming from children, blacks, Martians, or anyone else for that matter. When I saw Nugent and his band perform way back in the mid-70s (he was opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd, a vastly superior musical outfit), Terrible Ted used quite a bit of profanity during the show. Between songs, he also spoke at length on the topic of female genitalia. Which is fine — if performers want to rant and curse and deliver “vagina monologues” during their shows, it is their right do so. And Ted has continued to exercise that right for several decades now. There’s no indication that he has toned down his act with age, no matter how many youngsters are in attendance. In recent years, he has been known to brandish an automatic rifle onstage, hollering into the microphone, “Suck on this, Hillary” or “Suck on this, Obama.” For this same individual to now express outrage over someone else or their children for being “profane” or “inappropriate” is straight-up hypocrisy.

Second, Ted Nugent’s moral outrage flies in the face of not only his own use of language, but also his own personal behavior. The “motor city madman” has not exactly led the lifestyle of a saint during his long rock and roll career. It’s no secret that well into his thirties Nugent was quite fond of sexual encounters with underage female fans. He himself admitted this during a 1998 Behind the Music profile on VH1. The “Behind the Music Episode Guide” at says this about Nugent’s appearance on the show:

“He lambastes drug users and alcohol drinkers, but repeatedly admits (without a trace of humility, however) to being a serial pedophile. Two relationships (one with his wife and one with ‘muse’ Pele Massa, who was 17 when they started dating) were ended due to Ted’s infidelity while on the road, often with underage women. But Ted justifies his behavior with one of his trademark funny expressions: ‘alternative flesh management.’”

Nuge2Nugent apparently even convinced one underage girl’s parents to have him declared the girl’s legal guardian so that he could travel around and share hotel rooms with her without getting into trouble.

To be fair, I’m not sure if “pedophilia” is the correct term to use here. There’s no need to resort to name-calling, by asserting that Nugent was a “child-molester.” Furthermore, I’m not saying that he abused anyone, or that he was preying on unwilling victims. I simply do not know. As for whether or not he should have been thrown in prison for his sexual proclivities, I’ll leave that for others to decide. My only point is that for a rock star in his thirties to be having sex with underage girls is morally questionable behavior, to say the least. For Nugent to assume that we should sweep all of this aside, and view him as an upstanding citizen who ought to be taken  seriously when he attacks others for their moral depravity, is misguided and hypocritical. In the end, we simply do not take him seriously.

Chuck BerryThird, Ted Nugent’s presumption in speaking as an authority about the problems facing “black culture” is deeply ironic. He is clearly ignorant of the diverse lives of African Americans in the U.S., and the various issues that concern them as citizens of this country. For him to make sweeping generalizations and derogatory remarks about an entire race of people is shameful. Nugent, of all people, should not be so ignorant. Here is a man who has made an entire career out of playing music that would not even exist were it not for the invaluable contributions of countless black musicians. Ted Nugent’s style of rock would be inconceivable without the foundation laid down by artists such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, and Chuck Berry — just to name a few. Every blues-based lick and bent half-note that comes out of Ted Nugent’s guitar is indebted to the many talented black musicians who toiled in clubs and bars and struggled to make successful records long before Ted came along in his Tarzan loincloth and proceeded to bastardize the art form with songs such as “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.” Ted Nugent’s debt to African American culture is far greater than anything that might be owed to him.

Robert JohnsonMost remarkable of all, perhaps, is the way in which Ted Nugent’s op-ed can easily be turned around and pointed right back in his direction. All we have to do is flip the script by making Ted’s own racist statements the main topic of the piece instead of the viral video and “the problems with black culture,” and presto: Ted’s op-ed is now howling in outrage against itself:

“Just when you think it can’t get any uglier, some aging white rocker will slither out of the sewer and do something that shocks even the most hardened and calloused among us…

“A truly disturbing and disgusting racist rant made national headlines recently after the World Net Daily site posted an op-ed on its website.

“The aging rocker who wrote the racist op-ed, Ted Nugent, is white, and the source of his outrage is black people. This is important to note as the nation gets ready to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 20.

“Some black leaders and others claimed it was racially motivated for the World Net Daily to post the op-ed.

“Others addicted to common sense and reality believe that displaying the video was a ‘teachable moment’ in that it showed the continuing and unbroken cycle of racism in America…

“… Ignorance, hatred, racism and other culture rot is a white plague that has engulfed the right-wing, conservative community.

“… America doesn’t have a “black culture” problem but rather a “conservative denial” problem whereby conservatives support the insanely expensive and totally destructive policies and programs that have caused a cultural and social cancer to metastasize in black America for far too long. Show me a social or cultural problem, and I will show you how conservatism either created the problem or exacerbated it.

MLK“It is fascinating to wonder what Dr. King would have said about the culture and social rot that plagues conservative white America today.

“To honestly celebrate the legacy of Dr. King, conservative whites in America would have to admit to the self-inflicted racist destructo-derby they are waging and begin to tell their Republican slave drivers to take a hike.”

Congratulations, Ted Nugent. You have deconstructed yourself using your own discourse. And we haven’t even gotten into the whole gun issue yet. Let’s just say that in his op-ed, Nugent — this champion of gun rights in America, this poster boy for the NRA — has the nerve to rail against the prevalence of gun violence in the black community. The absurdity of this is breathtaking.


19 Responses to Ted Nugent Prepares for Martin Luther King Day by Making an Ass out of Himself

  1. liselasalle says:

    Thank you for the pleasure of reading Ted turning the table on himself. He never counts on people seeing through his bullshit because he thinks we all are as thick as he is.

    He is like Rush Limbaugh blasting drug addicts with a mouthful of prescription pills.

    Are they simply ignorant or positively despicable?

    • BJW Nashe says:

      Thanks, Lise. For Nugent to be so ignorant and despicable is especially damning, because as a wealthy musician he has had ample opportunity to expand his horizons. What’s disturbing is that he still has so many fans.

  2. Darcia Helle says:

    Excellent piece. I’ve never been a fan of his music, which is fortunate because the man grates on my ever nerve.

  3. lissaredshoes says:

    Sharply biting piece about the very large hypocrite that is Nugent. I’d forgotten about his proclivities for young females. I believe the correct term in this case is Ephebophilia. When an adult has primary or exclusive sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19. Sadly, I met some of those kind of creepy kind of men between 15 and 19.

    I love the way you turned Nugent’s ridiculous rant into a rant about himself. Brilliant. Whenever I listen to hypocrites go on and on about what is wrong with whomever on whatever given day, I imagine them dressed in clothing that has a front, but no back, like a hospital gown. Thus, I get to laugh a bit at thoughts of their madness and their exposed backsides. In fact, when hypocrites go public with their rants, they should automatically have to walk around in plain sight wearing their backless clothes.

    • BJW Nashe says:

      Thanks, Lissa. I learn something new every day. Today, it’s “ephebophilia.” Ted fits the profile. Then again, my sense is that Ted was quite willing to go younger than 15, when given half a chance. Hospital gowns can be mailed to him care of Eagle Records, a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment.

  4. Rod Murdock says:

    Hopefully when judgement day comes, the judge happens to be black!!!

  5. Tom Davidson says:

    Great piece. Amen, amen, amen.

    Motor City Madman? That’s a solid 10 on the cringe-o-meter. I’m a Detroit expatriate and used to live near downtown. I can’t remember ever seeing anyone with a Nugent album, or playing (drunk or sober) a Nugent tune on the jukebox at the corner bar. On the local rock scene, you’d hear Bob Seger, Iggy and the Stooges, Mitch Ryder, or (“kick out the jams, mf”) the MC5. But Nugent? I’d sooner chew glass than listen to Cat Scratch Fever. I refuse to believe he has any ties to Detroit. We Detroiters have standards!

    • PatrickHMoore says:

      With Iggy and Bob Seger you have two of the true greats. Didn’t you also have a little thing called Motown?

    • BJW Nashe says:

      Oh yes. Tremendous music from Detroit. I’m glad you mentioned MC5 and the Stooges. So many of the Motown artists were also incredible. And then we have the wizards of Detroit techno: Derrick May, Jeff Mills, and Carl Craig, just to mention a few.

      You are absolutely correct, Tom. Nugent does not deserve any motor city credentials.

      • Tom Davidson says:

        Motown, yes. I’m a Martha Reeves man, not Diana Ross; Smokey, best singer; Temps, best group. Also, back in the day, John Lee Hooker lived in Detroit. Now if someone called Iggy Stooge the “Motor City Madman,” I’d say, absolutely, he’s earned the title. His stage act was…ah…singular. Over the years I’ve had this fantasy of Motown’s musical roots. Years ago, Detroit was a real, gritty factory town. I used to bang bumpers on the Chrysler assembly line. Inside the scuzzy plant, you’d hear a nonstop, metallic symphony of wham, bang, boom. I like to think the Motown artists took that industrial beat right out of the air, brought it into the recording studio, and turned it into gold. It can’t be a coincidence. Somewhere there’s a link between the auto plants and the hit records with their fabulous beats that poured out of Motown.

        One more time. Martha Reeves, darling dear, you were the best! When you sang “Heat Wave,” it triggered global climate change.

  6. Bill says:

    The real source of his outrage is his own ignorance. I hesitate to consider his ‘noise’ to be music although I do see he has some talent in that area, it is greatly overshadowed by my appreciation for real music. If it wasn’t for his neurotic, self contradicting nature he would have slid into oblivion years ago, never to be heard from again. He does present himself to the world in such a manner that those who are educated and intelligent, those who subscribe to higher levels of moral reasoning have used him as an example of the fact that ‘Fuktard Syndrome’ is alive and well and lives in his cesspool of a mind.

    Feel free to quote me on that :D

  7. Rick says:

    BJW – You’ve very effectively described the blatant hypocrisy of the “Nuge.” In addition to his obnoxious pro-gun, neolithic conservative views, Ted is the quintessential chicken hawk. Even though Ted strongly supported other people fighting the Vietnam War, when his number came up in the draft, he cooked up a scheme to get out of serving. In the week leading up to reporting to the draft board, Ted wore the same clothes, defecated and peed in his underwear, and did not take a bath. Ted was hoping that the military would deem him to be mentally unsuitable for service due to his lack of hygiene. Ted’s ploy worked — he was excused from service on that basis. Although I don’t know whether or not Ted is mentally ill, I do know that he is crazy like a fox (not to disparage foxes).

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