by Robert Emmett Murphy, Jr.

The subject of this post is the entrenchment of sexual perversion in American law and how that is reflected in the ideological make-up of the various regions of this great but threatened nation. I am talking specifically about Bestiality, which is legal in 36% of American states.

best4Bestiality is a misdemeanor in the following 19 states (or territories):

Alaska; California; Colorado; Connecticut; Florida; Iowa; Kansas; Louisiana; Maine; Maryland; Minnesota; Nebraska; New York; North Dakota; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Utah; Virgin Islands; and Wisconsin


Bestiality is charged as a felony in these 16 states (or territories) :

Arizona; Deleware; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Massachusetts; Michigan; Mississippi; North Carolina; Oklahoma; Puerto Rico; Rhode Island; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee; and Washington


Bestiality is completely legal in the following 18 states, districts, and territories:

Alabama; Arkansas; Washington, D.C.; Guam; Hawaii; Kentucky; Montana; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; Ohio; Texas; Vermont; Virginia; West Virginia; and Wyoming


homeThe ideological thrust of these Bestiality Fifth Columnists is obvious when one compares where this perversion is accepted to those places where Same-Sex Marriages are banned. In 55% of the states wherein Bestiality is legal, Same Sex Marriage is not. The states which do not criminalize Bestiality, yet ban Same Sex Marriage are as follows:

Kentucky; Montana; New Jersey; Nevada; Ohio; Texas; Virginia; West Virginia; and Wyoming (Note: New Jersey does permit Civil Unions.)


In clear contrast, Bestiality is illegal in the 12 states where Same Sex Marriage is accepted. These states are as follows:

California; Connecticut; Delaware; Iowa; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Minnesota; New York; Rhode Island; Vermont; and Washington

Only 3 states do not ban Bestiality but do endorse Same Sex Marriage, thus straying from the above pattern. These states are:

New Hampshire; New Mexico; and Vermont (in the case of New Mexico, there are no laws on the books either endorsing or banning Same Sex Marriage so it’s actual sexual/ideological orientation is currently ambiguous).

*     *     *     *     *

So we are left with a burning question. Is there a correlation between being pro-Bestiality and rabidly Homophobic? Is it possible that approving of or actively practicing Bestiality turns one into a Homophobe?  The statistics suggest one, or the other, or both. :-)


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47 Responses to Bestiality Is Legal in the Same States That Ban Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Roberta says:

    Oh my God!!! That is absolutely unimaginable. But then, Nambla (North American Boy Love Association) has been trying for years to legalize pedophilia and to remove age restrictions on consensual sex. The nation is truly going down the tubes.

    • Patrick H. Moore says:

      I don’t think it’s so much that the nation is going down the tubes but rather that society has always contained a percentage of individuals with strange and arguably horrific desires. It would be interesting to know what percentage of American males have had sex with animals and (yikes) what percentage of American males have sex with animals on a regular basis. As far as NAMBLA is concerned, I am unalterably opposed to any form of pedophilia.

    • Jess says:

      Comparing gay marriage to Nambla is like comparing all Christians to Westboro Baptist Church or all republicans to the KKK.

      • james says:

        why would you compare the kkk to republicans, when they were formed by democrats to combat the republican civil rights agenda?

        • David A says:

          That was then, this is now. The parties have switched sides since 100 years ago. He could have said “… Democrats from the 1930’s …” but people wouldn’t understand (sadly). So, the GOP has taken the lead on suppressing middle America’s rights and lifestyles, while the Dems have changed to
          support peoples’ rights over corporations’ rights.

      • Jacalyn says:

        I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much eaeris!

    • Josh Ciccocioppo says:

      Have you ever read “Wet Goddess”, animals can consent. And if they don’t want sex they can defend themselves. If you think I’m wrong, than how can a human overpower and rape a 400 pound dolphin?

    • Jay Eroom says:

      I thought NAMBLA was a fictional plot line in “Southpark” only … how disturbing!

  2. BJW Nashe says:

    To practice bestiality with captive animals (some house pets, ranch and farm animals) is a weird form of sexual slavery. If people really want to have sex with animals, they should go out into the wild to seduce the beasts in their natural habitat.

  3. Bob Couttie says:

    And three state courts have determined that laws against bestiality are unconstitutional. Says a lot.

  4. artiewhitefox says:

    Had people be living now as if they were in God’s kingdom whoever would not give a rip about who had whatever kind of sex. Got to practice that now. You don’t want to see the gates of heaven as a devouring fire, do you?

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  6. […] there are 17 states and territories in which fucking a sheep is totally legal: Alabama, Arkansas, Washington, D.C., Guam, Hawaii, Kentucky, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New […]

  7. Daniellie says:

    Ah ah ah since this as written Alabama has since voted 20-1 that bestiality should be illegal (the 1 vote wasn’t even a person I think it is from some weird thing they do to balance out the vote or something)Bestiality is completely legal in the following 18 states, districts, and territories:

    Alabama; Arkansas; Washington, D.C.; Guam; Hawaii; Kentucky; Montana; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; Ohio; Texas; Vermont; Virginia; West Virginia; and Wyoming
    As of now it is legal in legal in D.C., Guam, Hawaii, Kentucky, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada. New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Meaning Washington(you said it was legal and illegal there) and Arkansas have outlawed it and it is on it’s way to being illegal in Alabama!

  8. […] Murphy, R. (2013). Bestiality Is Legal in the Same States That Ban Same-Sex Marriage. All Things Crime. Retrieved from… […]

  9. […] here. Here's a link for the next time one of those "Where Should i Move To?" threads comes up: Bestiality Is Legal in the Same States That Ban Same-Sex Marriage | All Things Crime Blog The site poses quite a theory, […]

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  11. Dobies says:

    Am I the only one that got a boner, looking at those sexy sheep, up there?

  12. Scatter says:

    Why am I SHOCKED to discover that Florida does NOT allow bestiality? Half the State looks like refugees from the set of “Deliverance”. And I’ve been told more than once I have a “purdy mouth”.

  13. […] more crazy? Some of those states that sex with animals is legal, also banned same-sex marriage! HTF is that even […]

  14. Michael IB says:

    This is not the best comparison. Not allowing men to marry men is not necessarily homophobic. It could be a person believes marriage is strictly between a man & a woman. It is not like anyone is trying to prevent men from having sexual relations with men as is the case with animals.

    • That is absolute bullshit (no pun intended). Not allowing marriage equality or “wanting marriage to be between a man and a woman” totally IS homophobic. It isn’t just trying to prevent gay sex that makes someone homophobic. It also could be wanting to retain special legal privileges while denying them to others (marriage, for example). I say that the hypocrisy still stands.

  15. eurasianwolf says:

    Atheist Journeys, the are many in the gay community who oppose same sex marriage. latest high profile people to say so is Dolce and Gabbana.



  17. […] are over a dozen states where it’s 100% legal for you to be intimate with an animal. […]

  18. Warren says:

    This comes at a time when the controversy of sodomy and lesbianism are at the centre or the issue of SS marriage. I now want proof of the legitimacy of bestaility.,,to make sure this is not a mischievous post…

  19. James says:

    Wyoming is okay with gay marriage…I live here, and see it often.

    Still, beastiality should be on the books as illegal, everywhere.

  20. Bob says:

    I don’t understand how they made homosexuality legal but polygamy is not?

  21. It is absolutely deplorable that Americans that were formerly the light of morality & family values in the planeth earth after the fall of British Empire have now become strange bed- fellows to truth & righteousness.
    We opined that US law making body should have deleted that great confession inscribed on the USD$ currency ” IN GOD WE TRUST”
    A black man is always used as sacrificial lamb; Obama has given in to these rubbish just to buy comfort on his reign & ofcourse those white ” he goats” wouldn’t have had their way in a whiteman rulership.
    Let them try Hilary Clinton now!

  22. susan says:

    Rape of animals is – simply evil – cruel and wrong-

  23. Bubbabear says:

    Beastiality and pedophila are sever mental disorders. It’s hardly a choice but if females and straight people do it as well. I know, i’ve come across videos of it. It’s not based on homosexuality, it’s based on mental stability. Gay or straight.

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  25. Michael says:

    ACTUALLY, this article is completely false. One quick Google search proves it’s actually a felony in many of the states listed:

  26. […] themed pornography is legal in about 20 U.S states territories and districts (source 1 & source 2). I didn’t even believe it myself at first, but yes, you can legally rape a horse a sheep or […]

  27. john says:

    Who are any of you critics to judge? This should be legal everywhere beastiality, gay or straight! You think you dont have your judgement in front of god for judging a man or woman for falling in love with an animal even if its sexually! I think it should only be under willing circumstances! Its the persons choices so its the persons consequences weather they are good or bad. Generally good experiences happen but this is something women and men love and needs to be legal its not gay marriage its not pedophillia its beasts and humans in love. Just standing up for the people.idk if these are set up sites but maybe they will actually legalize it because there’s no sense in sitting in a barred room eating food I didn’t pay for lost my job and family and house and car over this. I dont have all these things but you get the point. Why pay my pocket money and your pocket money to sit this personal sexual desire in jail versus the video I saw yesterday someone gunning someone down for saying they loved jesus.

  28. john says:

    Cameras should be placed in our homes for our own safety, everyone on the planet. All guns should be removed from everyone on the planet. Bows and arrows should be left alone.cops should be left with pistols till control is taken care of.

  29. Omg,I am totally lost for words!!!

  30. Ian says:

    Your data is completely wrong! It is a Felony in Montana and you should check and double check your information before calling bullshit “facts”.

    For what it’s worth:

    (1) A person who knowingly engages in deviate sexual relations or who causes another to engage in deviate sexual relations commits the offense of deviate sexual conduct.

    (2) A person convicted of the offense of deviate sexual conduct shall be imprisoned in the state prison for any term not to exceed 10 years or be fined an amount not to exceed $50,000, or both.


    Enacted 94-5-505 by Laws 1973, ch. 513, § 1; Revised Code of Montana 1947, 94-5-505. Amended by Laws 1981, ch. 198, § 7; amended by Laws 1991, ch. 175, § 2; amended by Laws 1991, ch. 687, § 7; amended by Laws 2013, ch. 225, § 5, eff. Oct. 1, 2013. Renumbered from 45-5-505 by Laws 2013, ch. 225, § 8, eff. Oct. 1, 2013.

    Editors’ Notes


    Source: New.

    The section includes both homosexuality and bestiality. There has been a reduction in the penalty because it was felt that the severe penalty was more a product of revulsion than the social harm in fact committed. The Model Penal Code recommends that bestiality be made a misdemeanor. The Illinois Code contains no provision on the subject. Subsection (3) increases the penalty if the human-victim participant in the bestiality or homosexuality acts without consent. To appreciate the meaning and scope of “without consent” see sections 94-2-101(68) and 94-5-506(3) [now MCA, 45-5-501 and 45-5-511(3)].

  31. […] is a crime in several US states, including Florida, Texas, and Illinois. In California, where bestiality is just a misdemeanor, simply owning a horse with the intention of eventually eating it can result in felony […]

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