Cleveland police report that missing teenagers, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knighthave been found inside a home on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland, in close proximity to the area in Cleveland where at least two of the girls were abducted.  As the streets in Cleveland erupt with jubiliation, news agencies are beginning to report the details of the story.   Stay tuned to All Things Crime Blog for more details as this remarkable story — one of the rare true crime stories with a happy ending — unfolds.


Following is Amanda Berry’s timeline: 

April 21, 2003: Amanda Berry leaves her job at a Burger King at W. 110th and Lorain in Cleveland.  She disappears the day before her 17th birthday — a  fact which tragically leads authorities to surmise that she is a runaway.

April 2003: The Berry family receives a call from Amanda’s cell phone. A man tells family the teen will be released in a few days. FBI begins investigating as a kidnapping.

November 2004: Amanda’s mother, Louwana Miller, appears on the Montel Williams show with psychic Sylvia Browne. Browne tells Miller that Amanda is dead and she sees her “in water.” Devastated, Miller is told she will see Amanda “on the other side, in Heaven.”

March 2, 2006: Amanda’s mother, Louwana Miller, dies of heart failure at age 43. Her daughter says Amanda’s disappearance broke her mother’s heart.

November 2008: Body found by hunters in a Wisconsin creek is suspected of being Amanda’s. However, DNA tests rule that out.

July 2012: Tip from a prisoner being held in Lucasville leads to search of house on W. 30th and Wade in connection with Amanda Berry disappearance. A search of the site turns up no evidence of the missing teen.

May 6, 2013: Three women run from a home on Seymour Avenue claiming to be Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and a third woman — later identified as Michele Knight.

Here’s a look at the timeline involving Gina DeJesus’ disappearance:

April 2, 2004: Gina DeJesus, 14, disappears walking home from Wilbur Wright Middle School in Cleveland.

April 2004: Gina’s disappearance comes nearly a year after that of Amanda Berry in roughly the same area of the city.

April 2004: Search for Gina widens. FBI combs through hours of surveillance tape trying to find any clue.

April 2004: Gina and Amanda’s cases featured on America’s Most Wanted.

September 22, 2006: Tip leads police to search under a Cleveland driveway for Gina. Nothing is found. Her mother, Nancy Ruiz, maintains as she always has that she believes her daughter is alive.

Jan. 2007: Discovery of missing Missouri boy found alive renews family’s hope that can be located.

April 2013: Family and community marks ninth year of Gina’s disappearance.

May 6, 2013: Gina and Amanda found alive with another missing woman in a house in Cleveland.

We will bring you Michele Knight’s timeline as soon as it is available.

And here’s a slide show:

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Chris Ramsey, who helped Amanda Berry escape.



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2 Responses to Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus and Michele Knight Found Alive — Timeline of the Case; Photo Gallery

  1. Dana King says:

    Sylvia Browne should burn in hell.

    • Patrick H. Moore says:

      Or at least discredited. Her cockamamie advice does not become her and certainly did not help rescue the victims.

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